No scalpel No Needle Vasectomy at Steven K. Sterzer M.D.

Vasectomy is the most common procedure performed by North American urologists, totaling more than a half a million men each year. Most men dread the procedure, due to fear of needles in general and pain in particular.

The last decade has seen advancements in both comfort and safety of the procedure. Research reveals that jet injection spray markedly decreases pain. Jet injection spray is an anesthesia mist that quickly sprays a highly effective volume of anesthesia. This is in contrast to needle injection which requires, in addition to the needle insertion, a much larger volume of anesthetic.

Anesthesia begins within a few seconds and lasts for several hours after the no needle no scalpel procedure. This eliminates pain during the procedure while improving the overall post-procedure recovery time. Following administration of anesthetic, the procedure only takes fifteen to twenty minutes.

We offer no scalpel no needle, and no anxiety, vasectomies and vasectomy reversals in a warm and caring environment. To arrange a vasectomy consultation in Chico, CA, call Steven K. Sterzer M.D. today.


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